Providing accounting and tax solutions for media and entertainment companies and small businesses.


Sierra provides accounting and finance services to media and entertainment companies and small businesses. Simplifying the complexities of numbers is what we do and acting as an intermediary with regulators, such as the Canada Revenue Agency or the Canadian Audio Visual Certification Office.

Our clients seek to enhance their financial operations, become more efficient, and explore the incentives available to them. Our clients are looking for a financial partner who holds the same values and will work on the front lines to get the work done for them.

We look forward to the exploring the next challenge, analytic, or potential result to help your production or company meet its goals.

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For guidelines and other helpful resources for the film industry in Canada, please check our resources section below. You will be able to download the most recent guidelines for the province you are looking at working in, or be taken directly the the provincial or federal regulatory body's websites. 


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